The ultimate feedback app: easiest way for users to contact you

November 22, 2013

There are some features that every single website should have, and leading this list is a simple, prominent contact form. You created your website so that your prospective customers are able to gather information about your business, learn more about your products and services, and ultimately if they are ready, to get in contact with you. And when someone wants to contact you they typically would like the experience to be as simple as possible.

Below are 3 “must-haves” for your contact form on your site:

  1. Simple. Keep the forms short, just allow the user’s to tell them why they are contacting you and asking them a way to get back to them. A big no-no on contact forms are captcha’s – those twisted and mangled words used to determine that the form is being submitted by a human.
  2. Ubiquitous & conspicuous. Steve Krug’s book title says it all “Don’t Make me Think” – and if a user gets frustrated or lost, having a prominent contact button is the easy way out. Your form should be eye-catching and present on all of your website pages.
  3. Information gathering. Users may be asking for more cowbell – but what’s really happening. Also, avoid re-directing users to a contact page.

Our mission at SiteApps is to help SMB’s sell more, and we believe that listening to your customers is one of the best ways to achieve this mission.  That’s the reason we created the Site Feedback app, trying to bring the simplest and most effective contact form to the web considering the must-haves above. And best of all – for free.

Site Feedback capture

The Site Feedback app works on any site, and takes under 5 minutes to install – but can be configured to fit into your site with the following features:

  • five different color themes
  • complete messaging configuration
  • customizable positioning on your site

It doesn’t end here. We have also crafted an advanced email message that describes in detail information about the user cthat can help draw a better picture of what really happened during that visit.

Site Feedback Email

We actually use this app on the SiteApps website.  Want to see another live example?  Check out what Google would look like with the app:

Well, go visit the Site Feedback app page right now and test it on your site.