The New SiteApps Is Here – Combining Website Segmentation and App Marketplace Into An All-In-One Solution

October 21, 2012  |  Announcements

Today, we announce the official launch of SiteApps, the destination for companies to learn, discuss and select tools for businesses to create a commanding, dynamic online presence.

After a little more than a year in beta, we’ve vastly expanded SiteApps’ product offering, bringing more features and power to our users. What started as a marketplace of easy-to-install website improvement apps now combines the powerful tools of analytics, tag management, segmentation and recommendations to help businesses strategically improve their websites and better acquire and retain customers.

SiteApps still exists to serve most of the world’s companies – those SMBs with 1-100+ employees and that may or may not have employees focused on IT, marketing and/or the web presence – and is now headquartered in Predicta’s new San Francisco office, ready to power-up more websites in the U.S. and across the world.

In three quick steps, SiteApps enables you to take your site from web 1.0 straight to 3.0 and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your company’s online identity.

  1. Analysis – Once you log into SiteApps with your existing Google Analytics account, SiteApps parses through your data to understand how a website operates and how it’s engaging (or not) with prospects and customers.
  2. Recommendations– Based on existing analytics, SiteApps provides a full website summary that pinpoints areas of both strength and weakness and suggests problem-fix solutions. For example:
    • Determine where and why visitors exit your site and how to retain them
    • Identify and implement new features that better support business goals, such as “buy now” buttons or social media sharing
    • Identify new features to help your website better support your business, or build a mobile site in minutes with no technical knowledge or coding
    • Personalize content and provide a custom, targeted site experience based on location, gender, behavior, device type or other tags
  3. App Marketplace – Once you have a list of “to-dos” via on SiteApps’ recommendations, you can instantly upgrade your website with apps from the SiteApps marketplace. These widgets, from ecommerce payment enablement to specialized audience targeting, are just as quick and easy to install on your website as apps on a smartphone.
SiteApps remains free – users who need extra or custom features can opt for more sophisticated, paid versions of the service. We will also leave the anaysis features of SiteApps completely free and unrestricted until December.

Check out our video, embedded below, to learn more about how SiteApps works, and test SiteApps today to see how your website stacks up and see what types of apps could help your business.


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