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November 28, 2013  |  Announcements, Features

Optimized by SiteApps buttonHundreds of thousands of websites use SiteApps – but most of the magic happens behind the curtains.  We are adding the ability for our clients to showcase that they are using SiteApps with a “Optimized by SiteApps” badge to their website.

You will notice a new feature on your dashboard that allows you to automatically install the “Optimized by SiteApps” button on the bottom right-hand corner of your website.


Why should I want to install this on my site?

We have three good reasons to do this:

  • Show how savvy your SMB is by using cutting edge technology to improve visitor engagement with SiteApps
  • The great majority of our clients use SiteApps for free – this is a great way to give back and share the love.
  • We’ll give you an extra free app (on any plan).  That’s a 50% resource increase for the free plan!

Oh yeah, did we tell you that the badge will only load on the first pageview of every visit?


How do I turn this on?

On your dashboard, under the “Your Apps” link, simply toggle the “on/off” button for the SiteApps badge:

SiteApps Badge

It will take between 2 and 3 minutes for the update to go live on your website.


How do I turn the badge off?

Same as above simply click the “on/off” toggle.  Do notice that if you have reached your app limit with the badge, you may have to delete an app before removing the badge.


Have suggestions on how to improve the badge?

Yes, we are optimization nerds and have put a lot of effort to creating a badge that is compatible with all websites, doesn’t obstruct the visitor and clearly shows that the site is using SiteApps.  But if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this – just add your comment below.

Happy Optimizing!

– SiteApps Team

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    WOW ???

  • Muji

    Cool, continues to grow…

  • Jhon

    Like it…. :) :beer:

  • Mostafa

    Hello there. Thanks for this good website. But when I try to turn off the badge, it does not change and it is stlll on my website.