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September 10, 2013  |  Announcements, Tutorials

WordPress is becoming the standard Content Management System (CMS) for websites. The blogging platform is now powering 18.9 percent of the Web, a 2.2 point increase from 2012 (source). What makes WordPress so ubiquitous is the combination of ease-of-use interface with an active open-source community. It’s impossible not to find a feature that’s already included in the platform or not available in their plugins or themes directory.

Well, almost impossible.

The big feature WordPress lacks is the ability to natively segment and personalize the user experience.  Being able to treat your users in a tailored way and deliver relevant content for them still does not exist. If you visit any of the WordPress.org showcase sites, they will be exactly the same for anyone in the world – independent of how the visitors reach the site (search, ad, or referral), what type of device they are using (tablet, desktop, or notebook), or their visiting patterns on that site.

“In a couple of years, people will look back and marvel that
automatic site personalization was ever an issue.”

-Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)


Benefits of personalization on your site

There are many ways you can create amazing user experiences using segmentation and personalization.  Here are some ideas of what can be done:

  • Show specific content only to new or returning visitors;
  • Create custom greetings in international visitors native languages – you only have one chance to create a great first impression;
  • Show a different greeting message to your visitor depending on the referrer URL;
  • Add a custom text widget for users arriving on your site coming from strategic search keywords – this creates a “scent trail” guaranteeing consistency with the visitor’s expectations for your site’s content.

The new SiteApps WordPress plugin

We hope to help change this. SiteApps was born from BTBuckets, the first self-service on-site behavioral targeting and personalization platform, and we are segmentation freaks. We believe we can bring some of the benefits of an easy-to-use user cluster generator with the ability to use these segments to WordPress.

We just launched version 4 of the SiteApps WordPress plugin, which besides allowing a painless tag implementation process will allow websites to use their SiteApps segments to create engaging and personalized visitor experiences using standard WordPress features.  Websites now are able to apply segmentation rules directly in their widget configuration.

WordPress widget segmentation

What this means is that you can configure to present specific widgets only to specific audiences.  Simply enable segmentation for  that specific widget and select the user segments for which the widget will be shown.  In the case below, we selected the widget to be shown only to New Visitors:

WordPress segments

Jedi Personalization

But if you really want to present target for the right person at the right time, you can use the advanced expression input box.  Here you can use Boolean expressions to create advanced personalization configurations.  You can mix and match segments to target specific widgets.

So say you want to target visitors belonging to segment1 or segment2 but these visitors must also be part of segment3.  Simply input the segments friendly names in the Advanced expression box using the boolean login:

(segment1 OR segment2) AND segment3


Happy targeting!

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