SiteApps Pricing Model has changed.

October 13, 2015  |  Announcements  |  5 Comments

From Oct 13th 2015, in order to provide a better service and support, the SiteApps pricing model has changed. The Freemium model is no longer supported and the platform now has a 30 day free trial and after this period the user must signup the platform.

Furthermore, the way limits were applied changed. Before, the limits were applied by site, ie, each site represented one account. Now there is only one limit and this limit is user based. These limits will be applied to all sites in which the user is owner.

In addition, the number of apps is now unlimited in any plan. Only monthly requests/page views will be charged.

New Plans
Plan Monthly Price Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
TRIAL 30 day free trial Unlimited Unlimited
STARTER $ 14.99 50,000 Unlimited
PREMIUM $ 99.99 500,000 Unlimited

Users in the old FREE plan now have 30 day free trial, starting from  October 13th, 2015.

With this new pricing model, we will soon offer new and more moderns apps and efficient support to help you engage and convert your users.

Sign into your account right now and upgrade your plan.

Happy Optimizing!

SiteApps Team.

Mudança no Modelo de Precificação do SiteApps

October 13, 2015  |  No Comments

A partir de 13/10/2015, com o objetivo de oferecer um melhor serviço e suporte, o modelo de precificação do SiteApps foi alterado. O modelo FREEMIUM não é mais suportado e a plataforma agora possui 30 dias gratuitos de teste e após esse período o usuário deverá assinar a plataforma caso seja de seu interesse.

Além disso, a forma de contabilizar os limites foram mudados. Antes, os limites eram aplicados por site na plataforma sendo que cada site representava uma conta com limites próprios. Agora existe apenas um limite e por usuário. Esses limites serão aplicados em todos os sites nos quais o usuário for proprietário.

Além disso, o número de apps por usuário agora é ilimitado em qualquer plano. Apenas o consumo da plataforma será cobrado, além de algumas features que estão listadas abaixo.

Novos Planos
Plan Monthly Price Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
TRIAL 30 dias grátis Ilimitados Ilimitados
STARTER R$ 39,99 50.000 Ilimitados
PREMIUM R$ 249,99 500.000 Ilimitados

Os usuários do antigo plano FREE possuem 30 dias gratuitos, a partir de 13/10/2015.

Com esses novos planos em breve ofereceremos novos e mais modernos aplicativos, além de novos serviços dentro da plataforma, com o objetivo de aumentar suas conversões e engajamento de usuários e um suporte diferenciado.

Não perca tempo e acesse sua conta agora mesmo. Atualize seu plano e boas otimizações!

Equipe SiteApps.

Os planos do SiteApps serão atualizados dia 5 de agosto.

July 30, 2014  |  Announcements, Brasil  |  No Comments

Os planos do SiteApps serão ajustados dia 5 de agosto de 2014. Os atuais usuários não precisam se preocupar. O preço e limites do plano atual permanecerá o mesmo.

Sendo assim, apenas caso deseje mudar de plano após a data mencionada acima, os novos preços e planos serão aplicados. Portanto, até 4 de agosto você tem uma ótima oportunidade de mudar para os planos e limites atuais.

Planos e Limites até 4 de agosto.
Plan Monthly Price Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
Free $0.00 100.000 2
Bronze $9.99 250.000 5
Silver $29.99 1.000.000 15
Gold $99.99 5.000.000 50
Novos Planos a partir de 5 de agosto.
Plan Monthly Price Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
Free $0.00 5.000 2
Bronze $9.99 20.000 5
Silver $49.99 100.000 20
Gold $499.99 500.000 100

Não perca tempo e acesse sua conta agora mesmo. Atualize seu plano e boas otimizações!

SiteApps pricing will be updated on Aug 5th, 2014.

July 30, 2014  |  Announcements, Features  |  No Comments

The SiteApps pricing will be adjusted on August 5th, 2014. Notice to current users: don’t worry, your limits in your current plan will not be affected (even if you are using the FREE plan).

However, if you decide to upgrade after August 5th, the new rates will apply.  Thus, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your plan on the current pricing and limits.

Current Pricing until Aug 4th.
Plan Monthly Price Max Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
Free $0.00 100,000 2
Bronze $9.99 250,000 5
Silver $29.99 1,000,000 15
Gold $99.99 5,000,000 50
New Pricing on Aug 5th.
Plan Monthly Price Max Monthly Pageviews Free Apps
Free $0.00 5,000 2
Bronze $9.99 20,000 5
Silver $49.99 100,000 20
Gold $499.99 500,000 100

Sign into your SiteApps account right now and upgrade your plan.

Happy optimizing!

Inspiration on how to use SiteApps on your website

June 9, 2014  |  Apps, Features  |  No Comments

Because SiteApps has hundreds of applications, it can be overwhelming to see what apps you should use on your website.  We have created our new dashboard to surface what our analytics shows as the most impacting optimizations for your site at that specific time – but their are dozens of other opportunities you can also implement.

Thus, we just added a list of ways to implement SiteApps on your site:

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Blink! SiteApps Just Doubled Your Conversions

December 17, 2013  |  Announcements, Apps, Cases  |  1 Comment


Airu, a leading fashion and handcraft marketplace in Brazil, doubled their conversions by simply adding a “blink” to the call-to-action button on their website.

“We spend a lot of time and resources on conversion rate optimization on – and we were very happy to see that there is always a lot of room for growth.  We more than doubled our newsletter sign-up rate with SiteApps and their team.”
– Jaques Weltman
Airu CEO and Founder

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